Who Is The Swamp Critter?

(Who Is The Real Swamp Critter?)

In 2016, millions of Americans, fed up with the continuing state of corruption, pulled off something which shocked the entire world. Millions of forgotten Americans, both registered Democrats and Republicans upset the political establishment and elected a non politician to make America great again. We the people put aside our differences to put in a man we thought was going to bring a wrecking ball upon the widespread corruption and hubris which we know as Washington D.C. The man people elected to do the job was Donald Trump. Donald Trump talks about draining the swamp, and it is our hope he does so. It is a start.

Unfortunately, our work as Americans is far from over, and today we have an imposter who claims to be one of us, but his deeds show his true nature. In Florida, there is a senate race, and one of these candidates, by his nature and action show that he is part of the "Swamp." Hint - It is not Bill Nelson. The swamp critter in question is Rick Scott!

Picture of the real swamp critter Rick Scott is a man whose company, Hospital Corporation of America was found guilty of stealing millions of money from taxpayers by committing Medicare fraud. He oversaw the LARGEST MEDICARE FRAUD in U.S. history as C.E.O. of Columbia/Hospital Corporation of America. The company was convicted in federal court and also paid 1.7 billion dollars in fines. Yet, it even gets worse.

Rick Scoptt's company, Hospital Corporation of America, is still accepting Medicare payments from taxpayers even though his company stands convicted of such a grevious felony. Some would say that Rick Scott should be forgiven of what the company he oversaw did. That is not, however, the attitude Rick Scott has towards other ex-felons. Another Republican governor, Charlie Christ decided that one of the holdovers from Florida's Jim Crow era was wrong and should be fixed. He instituted a policy to allow nonviolent ex-felons to be allowed to vote after they have paid their debt to society. The newly elected Rick Scott decided to reverse Charlie Christ's policy and return to the Jim Crow policy of denying over a million taxpaying Floridians representation. How can anyone of us consider this right after what his company did?

By his actions Rick Scott has shown himself to be just another crooked swamp critter practicing " Do as we say and not as we do! " Has America become a nation where we take owners and C.E.O.'s of crooked companies and give them yet even more power to bilk taxpayers out of their hard earned money? Florida, we can do much better than Rick Scott. This should not be a Democrat verses Republican issue, but one of basic honesty and decency. I personally, consider myself more to the right of center. I am generally more supportive of Republican candidates than I am of Democratic candidates, but I put principles over party, and in this case, as long as there are no other contenders, I have to support Senator Bill Nelson. He may not be someone with whom I agree politically, but as far as I know, he hasn't stolen taxpayer money from Medicare.

Watch Youtube video of Rick Scott dodging and evading questions in a civil deposition. This guy seems to me to be a real sociopath!

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Rick Scott oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history."

Click or tap here to see what the conservative site Newsmax.com has to say about the issue.

As Rick Scott runs for Senate, it seems like he is up to his old tricks again. This time he created a blind trust to shield the source of his gains over this last year which netted him eighty three million more dollars. Who is going to be foolish enough to trust this man with a seat in the Senate? I hope Floridaians are smarter than that.

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